Maintenance tips for your wood furniture

It is important to maintain a humidity level of between 30% and 40% in your home by using a humidifier or air conditioner. Since wood is a living material, wood furniture responds to excessive dryness by losing moisture and shrinking slightly. Its solidity, however, is not affected.

Variations in humidity may cause a slight gap in the centre where two table halves meet.? When the humidity level returns to normal, however, your table will take up its initial look. Table leaves should be stored as close as possible to the table so that they adjust to the same humidity. They should preferably be stored in a closet, for instance, rather than a humid basement where they run the risk of warping.

icon_soleil Avoid exposure to direct sunlight as it may cause discolouration to the wood finish.
icon_liquide Avoid placing hot objects or liquids directly on the wood as it may cause a slight lightening of colour.
icon_napperon Avoid leaving plastic placemats on the surface for extended periods of time as plastic prevents wood from breathing and traps moisture.
icon_savon Clean with only mild soap and warm water.
icon_corrosif Avoid harsh products such as bleach.

Please note that the warranty does not cover any damages resulting from negligence, misuse, or improper cleaning.

Even if all wood furniture pieces are produced from the same tree, they may exhibit differences in colour due to the grain pattern. The natural variation of grain patterns and colours are what add to the beauty and character of each piece of furniture!